East Diablo Basketball League Rules

Official Rules

All basketball games (league, tournament or practice) hosted by Oakland Diocese Catholic Youth Organization teams will be conducted in accordance with the National Federation of State High School Associations Basketball Rulebook (available through the Diocesan CYO Office) with exceptions and additions noted in these bylaws, adopted by the Diocesan CYO Office, or adopted by the leagues and approved by the Diocesan Boys Sports Council or Girls Sports Council.

Length of Games/Time Outs

A CYO basketball game shall consist of four quarters. The first two quarters shall consist of two periods each quarter. The periods will be half of the quarter times allotted. Quarter times by grade are as follows:

  1. 2nd/3rd Grade - 10 minute quarters / running clock / Timeouts are the only way to stop the clock / No stop-clock the last 2 minutes
  2. 4th, 5th - Grades – 10 minute quarters / running clock / Timeouts are the only way to stop the clock / Stop-clock the last 2 minutes
  3. 6th Grade – 6 minute quarters / stop-clock
  4. 7th & 8th Grade – 7 minute quarters / stop-clock
All games shall have one minute rest periods between quarters. There is no rest between periods in the first and second quarters. All games shall have a minimum five minute rest period between halves.

Four time outs of one minute duration may be charged to each team during a regulation game. Each team is credited with one additional time out per overtime period.

Game Limitations

No CYO player should play more than one basketball game per day. No CYO team may participate in more than one basketball game per day. All games/ practices, including tournament games played on school nights, shall be scheduled so as to be completed by 10:00 p.m. No league shall schedule regular league play on Sundays before noon.

Game Ball

A regulation basketball made of composition or leather material shall be used in all sixth, seventh and eighth grade boys league games. In all girls league games and in boys third, fourth and fifth grade games, a composition or leather ball, 28-1/2" in circumference, shall be used. Leagues may adopt the use of smaller balls for third, fourth and fifth grade play.

All Play Participation

Each Oakland Diocese CYO basketball team must play all healthy, uniformed players according to the following formula. The participation rule applies to the first half of play, during the first and second quarters. The first quarter and the second quarter will each be divided in half for a total of four playing periods. The time for each playing period will be on the clock. All healthy, uniformed players (up to a number of twenty) must play the minimum of a full continuous playing period during the first half. Every player entering the game for the first time must enter at the beginning of the playing period and play the full playing period. The only exceptions will be due to injury or disqualification.

The end of a playing period will be administered as an official's time out. The team in possession of the ball shall retain it at the beginning of the subsequent playing period with a throw-in at the spot on the sideline nearest the point of last possession. There shall be a center court jump ball to begin the game. The alternating possession procedure shall be used to begin the second quarter and at the beginning of a playing period if no team had possession at the end of the previous period.

Any player arriving to a game after the beginning of the last playing period must play continuous time during the game equal to a playing period, if sufficient time remains. If a team has over twenty players, the third quarter shall be divided into playing periods.

In addition, in each game, each child shall play the minimum time equal to the time of one quarter. Athletic Directors shall monitor their program's coaches for compliance. Repeated violation shall be a breach of sportsmanship.

Injury or Disqualification

If a player leaves a playing period due to injury and is able later to reenter, the player must play a subsequent full playing period. If unable to reenter until the second half, the player must play the equivalent of a full, continuous playing period on the clock. A substitute for an injured or disqualified player must play a complete playing period.

No Press Restrictions

3rd Grade No Press Rule

All defensive players MUST remain below the top of the key with an imaginary line extended from sideline to side line. No defensive player may make any attempt to steal the ball or make contact with the offensive player until they are below this imaginary line. If you are unclear about this rule please contact your Athletic director.

4th through 8th grade No Press Rule

The defensive team “must” allow the offensive team to freely enter the front court before any pressure can be applied on the ball handler or any other offensive player.

If you are unclear about this rule contact your Athletic Director.
  • 4th National - No press allowed
  • 4th American and 5th grade - 10 point lead.
  • 6th, 7th and 8th - 15 point lead.


One warning per game, then a technical foul will be called on the offending team for each violation. (Note: The technical foul is a team technical) CYO sportsmanship dictates that coaches should not have their teams pressure an opposing team's players in the half-court area with a large lead.


Overtime periods shall be three minutes in length. Oakland Diocesan CYO leagues shall play overtime periods either as in the National Federation Basketball Rulebook or the Diocesan Overtime Rule.

Oakland Diocesan Overtime Rule

In the event of a tie score at the end of a regulation game, there will be a maximum of two 3 minute overtime periods. If the score is tied at the completion of the second overtime period, a one minute rest period shall be taken, followed by a "sudden death" period played under the following rules:

1. If either team leads by two points (either by two free throws or a field goal) at any time during this period, that team shall immediately be declared winner.

2. If after three minutes of the sudden death period neither team has accomplished a two point lead, the team leading by one point shall be declared the winner.

3. If the score is tied at this point, a one-minute rest period shall be taken and then a three minute, sudden death period will be played. The first team to score (either by a free throw or a field goal) shall immediately be declared the winner.

Three Point Shots/Shot Clock

The three point shot may be adopted by individual leagues for play in the seventh and eighth grades only. The shot clock shall not be used.