Code of Conduct

All persons associated with CYO - players, coaches, coordinators, spectators and officials - are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner which exemplifies the Christian values that should be fostered in our young people. These values include a mutual respect for and consideration of other people.

The coach and coordinator are responsible for the behavior of any individual on their roster, as well as for the atmosphere created by parents and spectators. An official may eject from a contest or playing area any participant, coach, coordinator, parent or spectator who displays unsportsmanlike conduct during a contest or event. The ejected individual(s) must leave the playing area immediately and may not return.

Note: The playing area shall be defined as any location in sight or sound of the contest. If an unusual location gives rise to any ambiguity, the official's interpretation shall prevail.

The Disciplinary Committee will thoroughly review all complaints of inappropriate behavior on the part of players, coaches, spectators or officials. See By Laws - Protests.

Penalty: Any spectator ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the next two (2) games and may be subject to additional penalties.

Any spectator who physically abuses another person will be restricted from CYO activity for the remainder of the season.